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ProAccess ProX10 is a state-of-the-art electronic lock system, featuring distributed intelligence both in the lock and in the keycard.

The software manages intelligent electronic locks and keycards for standalone wire-free applications. Easy "bolt-on" retrofitting allows a key locking door to quickly become access controlled using an e-Handle or e-Cylinder. Optional mains powerered on-line readers provide real-time access control for doors or turnstiles etc. that operate with electronic locks such as electric strikes, magnets or solonoids. For a fully networked solution, nothing beats the wireless networked e-Handles for cost per door.

The Salto system uses SVN (Salto Virtual Network) technology: a smart combination of on-line and standalone readers that are accessed by means of "intelligent" keycards. SVN achieves performance levels only matched by fully on-line access control systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Based on a simple principle: keycards automatically store and convey information back and forth between standalone locks and the PC. This is done by means of a few strategically located on-line perimeter access readers that serve as data transfer hotspots, allowing updates and audit trails to be automatically transferred back to the PC.

The system allows you to change keycard access privileges on the fly (doors/users locking schedule). No need to walk with a programmer. No need to recoup keycards or get hold of users.

As a main Salto dealer and Salto distributor, ProAccess can design your access control solution using the very latest technology allowing more doors and areas of your building to be controlled.

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