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ProAccess Pro4C is a user-friendly, cost-effective and secure cashless smartcard solution. Designed and powered by the pioneers of cashless payments, certified by the banking industry and engineered to integrate with open e-Purse cards.

The three main areas of the system are Copy & Print, Vending and POS Payment and these can include such services as laundry, library, ID and membership. Reload terminals allow users to transfer funds onto their smart chip as e-cash by using coins, bank notes or electronic/online transfer. These are strategically positioned around a site and, ideally, networked for full flexibility.

This one card system allows for maximum efficiency and increased revenues. Instant reports are available giving insight into spending patterns and the systems can be easily expanded as and when the need arises. The system can still function even when the network goes down and users benefit from faster transactions, reduced queues and the convenience that only a multifunction card can bring. They are safe in the knowledge that with lost card hot listing and tracking, payment misuse can be monitored and prevented.

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