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ProAccess Ltd have a wealth of experience in single card campus systems. With a full turnkey solution incorporating system design, specification, supply, install, commission and service agreements - many higher education establishments have benefited from the single card platform and multi application functionality.

The modular design brings together 5 key areas of campus management on a single RFID Smart Chip Card.

Card Production - The ID editing suite allows for fast card printing and card encoding with database linking and a single pass encoding system.

Physical Access Control - With wireless RF e-Handles and e-Cylinders and cabled e-Readers, the complete campus and residences can be controlled from a single database, all networked over V/WLAN via Virtual Networking using wired or RF wireless connection

Logical Access Switching - The intelligent i-Switch allows programmed and time controlled switching of ring mains powered devices such as lights, PC monitors and machines bringing huge benefits of energy saving and improved safety. With the PC log-on device, computers and networks can be controlled and monitored.

Cashless Payments - Purchasing of goods and services from the e-Purse on the card reduces the need for cash on site, bringing simple electronic payment to vending, EPoS in retail and cafeteria services, copy & print, membership, laundry and parking.

Tracking - Auditing for traceabiliy of students, staff and assets has never been more important. The system covers Tier 4 student registration, voting (with on-card biometric template option), staff time and attendance, security guard touring, emergency roll call registration and asset tracking.

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