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ProAccess Pro6R Registration System is the ideal way to register your staff or students quickly and efficiently. You can cover your complete site with networked or standalone readers that record attendance and movement of people (or even items).

The Pro6R readers are designed to be desk or wall mounted for a choice of room location and then operate standalone or networked. There is also a battery powered option for off-site use. The unit has options of photo ID or Biometric ID for dual technology validation.

The powerful front end software manages the central system database and allows for reporting and linking of data to other systems, whilst each unit also has local software built in and so is programmable via the web interface. The system allows for multi site data collection with department or group split capability.

The ProX10 access system allows for doors to be access controlled in both off-line and on-line formats, and these units also interact with the time and attendance system if there is a requirement for door use to act as part of the registration process alongside the Pro6R in-room readers. This approach allows site and area registration to run alongside the access control, but with a single reader.

For real time 'lone worker' monitoring, ProAccess can integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phone technology into the system to ensure your staff can enjoy reassurance and security and you can ensure your time and attendance system reaches further than you thought possible.

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